Presented by Luka Birsa

Since 2007 Visionect has been helping companies create electronic paper products with hardware components and server software carefully designed for digital signage. The intelligent platform for driving e-paper displays enables digital signs with high-readability, very low power consumption and extreme battery life. The most sought after in Visionect’s portfolio are self-sufficient e-paper signs that can be mounted without cabling and communicate over cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Partnerships with leading industry players — E Ink, EPSON, Plastic Logic, STMicroelectronics — result in cutting edge signage technology for traffic and public transportation, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, finance, automation and corporate environments.

When not developing, the team enjoys breaths of fresh forest air and views of beautiful landscapes. For that reason, we choose to support sustainable solutions and deploy electronic paper with a minimal environmental impact, resulting in digital signs which take pride in extremely low energy consumption.

And yes, we play table tennis and we play it hard!

Find out more at,, @Visionect on Twitter

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